March 12, 2017

Reading Homework

Your children have made great gains in reading! As a result, many are bringing home longer books to read each night. We realize that spring is a very busy time. If your child does not have a chance to read his/her book, please keep it home for an extra night. 

I would also like to mention that every book does not need to be read aloud to you. Now is a good time to encourage whisper reading or even silent reading. Your first graders are truly ready to read independently.

February 26, 2017

How To Tie Your Shoes

Dear Families, 

Did you hear that we started to publish our favorite How-To books just before vacation? That's because our How-To Writing Unit is coming to a close. 

During winter break, I learned "how to" tie shoes a new way. I hope the following video helps someone in your family to master this challenging skill! 

P.S. I plan to share this with the Snowy Owls during our Morning Meeting tomorrow. It'd be great if a student could help me to demonstrate this method!

February 10, 2017

Pennies for the 100th Day of School

We will celebrate the 100th Day of School next week!

As part of our 100th Day Celebration, it has become our tradition to ask children to bring 100 pennies, which we donate to a charity or organization in need.  This year we will collect Pennies for the Yarmouth Community Food Pantry.  A former Rowe student, Jared Conant, plans to celebrate his 13th birthday by collecting food and donations for the Food Pantry.  His goal is to make a difference in the lives of other children by raising enough food and money to feed nearly 100 local families who are struggling with food insecurity.

You are invited to count out 100 pennies (or their equivalent in other coins) at home to bring in a baggie to his or her teacher.  As a classroom, and then as a school, we will count the pennies, which will be collected at our Community Meeting on the 100th day. Please send your pennies no later than Tuesday, February 14 so that they arrive in time for our 100th Day.

Thank you for your help in supporting the Food Pantry, and in celebrating our 100th Day of School!